Quarterly magazine of art, culture and pictures, directed by Attilio Pizzigoni

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Read and understand the history of Bergamo through her institutions, men and ideas. This new series of the historic "Rivista di Bergamo" offers an up-to-the-minute panorama of the artistic and cultural life of the town, full of often previously unpublished documentation and excellent illustrations to accompany the most up-to-date historical and critical research.

Since 1922 the "Rivista di Bergamo" has been at the service of a cultural tradition rendered historic by over seventy years of activity under very different but significant directors, from Alfonso Vajana, the founder, by way of Antonio Locatelli and Nino Zucchelli, up to the present editorial board. A precious source of critical, artistic and literary contributions that document the history of Bergamo over the years.
From issue No.21, each number of the Magazine will include as a free supplement an insert containing the facsimile reproduction of some of the most interesting numbers from our early years, starting from 1922.

Quarterly publication
- Format 19.5 x 26.5 cm - 72 pp. - Every 12 numbers, index of authors and subjects - Paperback with full colour cover.