Two volumes in an elegant slipcase

Lit. 60,000 - Euro 30.99 each

A history of Bergamo never before put in writing or illustrated. New in both approach and style, the story of Bergamo is recounted, from its origins to the present day, in a lively, amusing way with full colour plates, historical accuracy and faithfulness to the customs, the places and the personalities involved. In the appendices, historical dates and an index of persons, places and major events.

volume I:
from the origins to the unification of Italy. Outline and text by Renato Ravanelli. Drawings by Elio Tonelli, Carlo Mattoni e Vito Scamarcia. Foreword by Bruno Bozzetto. 220 pp. in full colour.

volume II:
from the unification of Italy to the present day. Outline and text by Renato Ravanelli and Daniele Vimercati. Drawings by Bruno Bruni and Paolo Di Pietrantonio. 256 pp. in full colour.

Format 22.5 x 27 cm - Hardback binding with full colour laminated dust jacket.

ISBN 88-7201-088-8 (volume I)

ISBN 88-7201-159-0 (volume II)