Town squares like salons, frequented by their own residents, mindful of the treasures on show, palaces, churches, statues, archaeological discoveries, frescos and all that represents the history of their city. The unimaginable fascination of small towns, the new provinces of Lodi and Lecco, Sondrio, Varese, and Como so alike yet so different, Mantua, Cremona and Pavia and then again Brescia and Bergamo, larger but still on a human scale. Lastly Milan, the metropolis that contains treasures of such entity and in such number as to impress all who look carefully. There is a close link dating back to remote ages, not just geographical but in culture, customs and history, which joins together the "civitates de Longobardia" (Lombard towns). The most obvious indications of this are the buildings that still characterise the eleven towns, recorded with artistic and poetic sensitivity by Alfonso Modonesi's lens. Umberto Zanetti's text enlivens and complements the story told by the pictures.

Format 25.5 x 33.5 cm - 224 pp. - glossy paper - 137 photographs in colour and black and white - Hardback imitation cloth binding with gilt lettering - Full colour laminated dust jacket.

ISBN 88-7201-194-9